Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What documents are required to apply for a UAE visa?
Ans. The traveller needs to submit the below documents to apply for a UAE visa:

  • Confirmed return tickets with tour itinerary,
  • Scanned Original passport front and back page
  • scanned passport size photographs of each visitor taken against a white background with a matte finish

Q2. Do I need additional Document for 90 Days Visa?
Ans. Below documents are required for 90 Days visit visa:

  • Confirmed Dubai flight ticket.
  • Passport copies of friends or relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Residence proof of friends or relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Invitation letter given by friends or relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Alternate local contact nu of numbers of 2 friends or relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Apart from the above documents, you may also be asked for additional documents as necessary.

Q3. When can I apply for a Dubai visa?

Ans. Anytime from 58 to 5 days prior to your travel date 

Q4. Is there an age criteria for applying Dubai visa?

Ans. Females below the age of 30 years and males below 22 years of age need to apply for UAE visa along with their Parents or husband to avoid any chances of rejection.

Q5. What should be My Passport validity while applying UAE Visa?

Ans. Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of arrival in Dubai. In case your passport is valid less than 6 months, you will have to renew your passport before applying for visa.

Q6. How would I know I have got the UAE VISA?

Ans. An e visa will be sent to your email address.

Q7. Why was my Dubai visa application rejected?

Ans. Dubai Immigration authorities do not advise the reason for Rejection so unfortunately we cannot advise you why your visa may have been rejected.

Q8. What are the photo requirements for Dubai visa?

Height x Width 45.0 x 35.0 mm
Face Size 80% of the photo
Face Orientation Front
Background Plain, light colored with no patterns or shadows
Hat, Scarf, etc. No hats or masks. Religious headgear is allowed, but should properly show the face.
Comments Recent passport-sized photographs are required