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Get Dubai Visa from India through an easy process

Online Dubai Visa is one of the most coveted concerns which deal with visa. Whether you intend to visit the “City of Gold” for travelling or any other purposes, we can help you to get it in no time and that too also within the most competitive price.

In the UAE, e-visa is also known as the paper visa. You can receive Dubai Visa after a few formalities. Dubai attracts most of the tourists across the globe. It is quite a fascinating country. For tourism, job, education, business or for visiting relatives & friends and for so many reasons, people visit Dubai, & for that Dubai Visa is required. A convenient, easy & fast processing Visa is the primary requirement of all. A visa process, which is fast & easy in applying, is the major requirement of all. The online Visa can help one get it easily.

Documents required for Dubai Visa Application:

• Scanned return ticket.
• Clearly scanned copy of passport to receive Dubai Visa.
• Clearly scanned passport size photograph.

Additional Documents required for Dubai Visa Application:

• Residential proof of friends/ relatives residing in Dubai needs to be presented.
• A Copy of Letter or invitation issued by friends & relatives.
• Alternate contact details of two friends or relatives residing in Dubai are to be provided to us.
• However, immigration department may ask for any other additional documents in addition to mentioned above.

Apply for Dubai Visa online for visiting relatives & Dubai. The cost of the online Dubai visa starts just from RS 4599. We have provided Visa for 30 days & that too for tourist purpose only. We don’t provide Dubai work Visas. Passengers travelling to Dubai for more than a month to meet their friends & family may apply for Dubai Visa online from India.

Online Dubai Visa Fees for Indian can be made online through a secured gateway payment system of onlinedubaivisa.com. You can also deposit cash or cheque in our bank accounts. If the information provided is as per the requirement, then your applied Dubai Visa for Indian will be issued within 4-5 working days & we will send it to the email address provided by you in the application form. Click here for more informations regarding Dubai Visa Fees 

You can contact us on our Customer Care number +91 9602400570 who are available for your services 24/7. You can also mail us at info@onlinedubaivisa.com.

Apply Dubai tourist Visa Online from Delhi India and Get to know about Dubai Visa Fees and Dubai visa application form. 

Applying for 90 days Visa from India?

Dubai 90 days Visa for Indian is available to you in only three easy steps.

• You have to fill an online form for visa application and send us the clearly scanned copy of passport to get Online Dubai Visa.
• Clearly scanned passport size photograph. The background for photographs should be white, and it should be in JPG or JPEG format only.
• Also confirmed air ticket,of returning from Dubai needs to be presented to us.

It would be our pleasure if you allow us to book tickets for you & hotels too. Passport copies of friends/ relatives residing in Dubai need to be presented to us.

Get Transit Visa For Indians

For all Transit passengers stopping at the Dubai International Airport for a minimum of five hours are allowed to obtain a 96 Hours Dubai Visa to go on a city tour of Dubai. Dubai transit visa validity is 14 days from the date of issue and the duration of stay is limited to 96 hours from the time of entry.

About Dubai:

The city which possesses unique structures and a genuine illustration of perfect planning always invites individuals with a warm heart and open arms. While a part of the city portrays the genuine picture of cosmopolitan living and present day structural miracles, then again, it deliberately sustained inside of itself the baffling past of this desert country. Between its overlooked past and amazing present, there is still an extent of things exist which are holding up to be found. Investigate the magnificence of Dubai with our travel guide and plan your schedule like a specialist and cross Dubai advantageously.

Why Choose Online Dubai Visa?

• Online Dubai Visa provide an exclusive offer,i.e.,Dubai Visa costs starting just from Rs. 4599.
• Online Dubai Visa can avail your Dubai Visa within just 5 working days.
• More than 30,000 Dubai visit visa is issued per month.
• OK to Board service for Dubai Visa is provided by us.
• Keeping your comfort in view, Online Dubai Visa is available.
• Along with Visa, we also provide hotels & flight booking service.
• NIL chances of rejection on Visas of Dubai tourist.
• Online Dubai Visa provide 90 days Dubai visit Visa & not Dubai work visa.
• We have served 15 branches across the globe for issuing Visa from past 10 years.

Visa Faq

1. What documents are required to apply for a UAE visa?

The traveller needs to submit the below documents to apply for a UAE visa:

  • Confirmed return tickets with tour itinerary,
  • Scanned Original passport front and back page
  • scanned passport size photographs of each visitor taken against a white background with a matte finish

2. Do I need an additional Document for 90 Days Visa?

Below documents are required for 90 Days visit visa:

  • Confirmed Dubai flight ticket.
  • Passport copies of friends or relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Residence proof of friends or relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Invitation letter given by friends or relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Alternate local contact numbers of 2 friends or relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Apart from the above documents, you may also be asked for additional documents as necessary.

3. When can I apply for a visa?

  • Any time from 58 to 5 days prior to your travel date.

4. Is there an age criteria for applying Dubai visa?

  • Females below the age of 30 years and males below 22 years of age need to apply for a UAE visa along with their Parents or husband to avoid any chances of rejection.

5. What should be My Passport validity while applying UAE Visa?

  • Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of arrival in Dubai. In case your passport is valid less than 6 months, you will have to renew your passport before applying for visa.

6. How would I know I have got the VISA?

  • An e visa will be sent to your email address.

7. Why was my visa application rejected?

  • Dubai Immigration authorities do not advise the reason for Rejection so unfortunately we cannot advise you why your visa may have been rejected.

8. What are the photo requirements for Dubai visa?

Height x Width 45.0 x 35.0 mm
Face Size 80% of the photo
Face Orientation Front
Background Plain, light colored with no patterns or shadows
Hat, Scarf, etc. No hats or masks. Religious headgear is allowed, but should properly show the face.
Comments Recent passport-sized photographs are required


Dubai 30 Days Visa | Dubai 90 days Visa | Visa Documents For Dubai | Apply For Visa Online

Document Required

  • scan passport copy

    Colour scan copy of passport.

  • scan photo

    Colour scan of passport size photograph.

  • Return Air Ticket

    Return ticket copy.


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