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Freelance Dubai Visa

Dubai is known for its thriving business environment and opportunities available to freelancers. If you are looking to make a career freelancing in Dubai then you are in the right place. With the Dubai freelance visa, freelancers can legally work in Dubai without the need for a local resident sponsor. This guide to Freelancer Visa Dubai covers everything that you need to know about obtaining and making the most of a Freelance Visa in Dubai including requirements, benefits, and application process. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into how you can go through the process of getting a Freelance Visa for Dubai and turn your freelance dream of working in Dubai in-to reality! 

What Is A Freelance Visa Or A Freelance Permit In Dubai?

Dubai Freelance visa, also referred to as Freelance Permit, allows individuals to legally work as freelancers in Dubai without needing a local individual sponsor. Specifically designed for freelancers who wish to work independently in professions like designing, consulting, marketing, etc. With such a visa freelancers can run their businesses, sign contracts with clients and earn income for their services provided in Dubai. Freelance permit UAE in 2024 opens up opportunities for individuals to pursue freelance careers in an exciting and business-friendly environment. It enables freelancers to work independently within the UAE.

Types Of Dubai Freelance Visas Available In 2024

  • Freelance Work Permit: This option is a go-to choice for freelancers in industries like designing, marketing, web development and consulting. With this permit in hand, you can work independently and deal directly with clients. It is granted by free zone authorities in Dubai like Dubai Media City or Dubai Internet City.
  • Investor/Freelance Visa: This type of visa links your freelance work to an investment in a Dubai-free zone company. To be eligible for this type of visa, you must form a business entity within the free zone and utilize that structure for providing freelance services. This type of visa provides benefits in Tax and offers opportunities for other business activities besides freelancing.
  • Freelance Visa and Work Permit for Dubai Residents: If you are already residing in the UAE through employment with an organization, this option gives you the ability to freelance alongside your existing job role.

Benefits Of Getting A Freelance Visa For Dubai

There are several benefits of getting a Dubai visa, here are the key advantages:-

  • Legal Compliance- The freelance visa provides freelancers in Dubai with legal documentation of their work activities
  • Business Opportunities: Being granted a freelance visa opens up many business and professional opportunities to expand your clientele and network
  • Residency Rights: Holders of freelance visas in Dubai can secure residency rights
  • Tax Benefits: If you have this visa type you may qualify for Tax exemptions and benefits
  • Professional Growth: It allows individuals to hone their professional abilities and take advantage of the city's diverse markets and resources 
  • Essential Services: Freelancers who obtain a freelance visa can access to services that are reserved for residents like bank accounts, healthcare and accommodation as they settle into Dubai

Documents Needed For A Dubai Freelance Visa

To get a Dubai freelance visa, you will need certain documents such as a valid passport, photographs, etc. Here is a list of all the required documents for a freelance visa for Dubai:-

  • Passport: You must submit your scanned version of your passport that is valid for at least six months from the day of your expected arrival in Dubai.
  • Photographs: Make sure to have a digital version of your passport-size photographs on a plain background.
  • Document Attested: Submit an attested copy of your academic qualifications and others if required.

Note: If you are a citizen of Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, make sure to submit your national IDs along with all other documents as mentioned above to get a UAE freelancer visa as this has been made mandatory by the UAE Immigration Department. 

How To Apply For A Freelance Visa In Dubai?

You can easily apply for a Dubai Freelance Visa Application online with Onlinedubaivisa.com’s user-friendly interface and streamlined application process designed to facilitate Dubai visa applicants. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting a Freelance Work Visa Dubai:-

  • Visit our website- Onlinedubaivisa.com
  • Enter your nationality and the country of your current residence.
  • From the available options, look for the Freelance Dubai Visa, and click on the “Apply Now” button over it.
  • Fill out the application form for the Freelancer Dubai visa ensuring that there are no inconsistencies.
  • Upload all the required documents including Passport, Photographs and other documents such as your national ID.
  • Pay the visa application fee to complete your application.

Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation mail along with the application reference number on your registered e-mail ID, keep this handy to easily track your Visa application.

How to apply for a Freelance Dubai Visa?


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Freelance Dubai Visa

Freelance Dubai Visa

2800 AED 2800 USD

check Service Type: Regular Visa-Multiple Entry

check Visa Processing: Time 02 - 03 Days

check Visa Validity : 60 days from the date of issue

check Stay Validity : 60 days from the date of entry

Dubai Freelance Visa Cost 2024

The cost of the freelance visa costs in Dubai depends upon the type of visa processing you choose, if you apply with a standard visa processing the freelance visa will cost you USD 2800 whereas if you choose to go ahead with express visa processing, the freelance visa will cost you USD 3500.

How To Track Freelance Dubai Visa Application?

You can track freelance dubai visa applications through onlinedubaivisa.com. All you need is your visa application or reference number. Here is how to check the status of your Dubai visa application:-

  1. Visit Onlinedubaivisa.com
  2. Scroll down and look for the “Track Visa Status” option at the bottom, in the quince links section.
  3. Enter your visa application number and click on the submit button.

As you hit the submit button, your visa application status will appear on your screen in one of the following terms: In Process, Pending, Approved or Rejected.

FAQs About Freelance Dubai Visa & Other Topics.

You can get a freelance visa in Dubai by applying online with Onlinedubaivisa.com.

The Freelance Visa Dubai Costs USD 2800 if you apply online with us.

The freelance visa is valid for 2 years once it is approved for an applicant.

There is no age limit for obtaining a Dubai freelance visa in UAE, people from all age groups can apply for this type of visa.

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