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 Online Dubai Visa

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 Online Dubai Visa

Apply online and fill in the information- Choose the preferred option from the types of visa. Click on the apply online option and fill in the UAE Dubai visa application.

 Online Dubai Visa

Pay visa fee online

 Online Dubai Visa

Upload the documents- Upload the scanned copy of your passport, passport-size photo, and other required documents.

 Online Dubai Visa

Visa is sent for processing

 Online Dubai Visa

Make payment- Make payment through credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, or American Express).

 Online Dubai Visa

Print visa & fly to UAE.

 Online Dubai Visa

Get your visa- The visa application is in process. Our experts will check your application before sending it to UAE authorities. We will mail you the UAE Dubai visa.

 Online Dubai Visa

Apply Dubai Visa Online

Are you trying to get an Online Dubai Visa? It could be an easier approach from here.

Travelling is a compassionate thing for many people. However, who can imagine a journey without required documents, and a visa is the most important thing that makes it easy to travel abroad.

If you also want to get an Online Visa, you need to know a few things on a quick note. A few pieces of information can be a savior. However, some passport holders of some countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, the USA, etc., need not apply for a UAE Visa.

Types of Dubai Visa

Depending on your purpose to visit UAE, the country provides many types of different below visas :

96 Hours transit Visa : This you can use for 96 hours or four days while travelling to a third country as a tourist.

14 Days Single Entry Tourist Visa : You can apply for this 14 days Stay validity visa to UAE ( Dubai), and visa use validity would be for 58 days.

30 Days Single/ Multiple Entry Visa : This is the most popular Visa, which can give you 30 days stay validity even in the single entry you can use this Visa for one-time use and multiple Entry visa you may use for multiple entries and exit within 30 days stay validity and this is validity would remain the same for 58 days.

90 days single/ multiple entry Dubai Visa : This visa type is most popular for long-stay tourists or Job seekers in Dubai. A single entry can be used one time, and multiple entries can be used for multiple entries and exit within 90 days of stay validity, and visa use validity would be 58 days from the issue date.

Documents required for Online Dubai Visa

  • A scanned colorful passport size photo of the visitor.
  • A scanned, colorful copy of your passport’s first and last page.
  • The passport validation should be of at least six months.

Applying for a Dubai Tourist Visa through us is three easy steps.

To apply for an online UAE visa, complete three easy steps :

  • First click on the apply now button, select the Nationality and Visa type and submit your documents as required.
  • Make the payment online and after 24 to 48 working hours.
  • The Visa will be ready and shared with you by email or whatsapp.

Travel Checklist

  • Confirm your accommodation while travelling to Dubai.
  • Confirm the return ticket for departure & Arrival from Destination.
  • Keep Foreign Currency approx AED 2000 per person or in the same amount of conversion USD.
  • Keep the Visa along with the Medical insurance copy while your entry to Dubai.
  • Dubai has warm temperatures most of the time, so keep all the clothes as per their temperature & weather.

Important things to do when you arrive in Dubai

  • Firstly, in a new land, one must have a travel guide.
  • Do not leave your passport at the hotel. Take it along with you to avoid any discord.
  • Keep the helpline numbers list.
  • Know the basic rules or guidelines of the country for a better travel experience.
  • Do not carry unwanted items that are not allowed in the country.

Dubai travel guide

Dubai and travelling are the two sides of a coin. So, unsurprisingly. It is a country where most travelers land. Greatly known for the gigantic buildings, gold, and for its palm-shaped structure.

With more than 125 airlines, Dubai is connecting the world with it. Many reasons one can have to travel the country. UAE is famed for Shopping, skyscrapers, and glamour. A traveler can make headway to Dubai with these places on the list :

  • Go to Global Village
  • Rush to Desert Safari
  • Hunt the Dubai Miracle Garden
  • How can one miss the Burj Khalifa?
  • Relax at Palm Island

Dubai Visa FAQ's

Do I need a visa for Dubai from India?

Yes, If you are from India, you must need a Visa for a Dubai trip. Else the countries like the US, China, and Kazakhstan, etc., do not require that. Only passports of mentioned countries would work for the same.

How do I get a Dubai Visa for India?

To get to Dubai, you need to be certain of your purpose of travelling to Dubai. A few things about Dubai Visa for Indians are :

  • Required documents,
  • Passport(Required snippets) First & last Page,
  • A passport size photograph.

Here you go; the process is very simple.

How much does a Dubai Visa cost from India?

A Dubai Visa costs different at different requirement levels. If it is a single entry, the prices go from 3200 to 195000 approx, also, according to the number of days you visit there.

Can I get a Dubai visa in 24 hours?

Yes, It is possible to get a Visa for Dubai in just 24 hours. There are many services available for it. We have express services, in that we assure you to hand in your Visa within 24 hours.

Can I get a UAE Visa on Arrival?

There are certain nationalities like British/USA/European/Australia/China etc. to get visa-free on arrival for 30 days. Apart from these countries, all nationalities need to apply for a prior visa to Dubai and enter the country.

How can I check the status of my Dubai visa online?

You can check for your online Visa for Dubai Application on the website by clicking here. Just put your ID on ‘Enter on your application ID’ and get your application status. We provide you with online Dubai Visa services, and, on a good note, you can contact us anytime 24*7.

Can I extend my Visa after it expires?

Yes you can extend the visa after it expires or if you are Visa free national then you can issue an Inside Country Visa for yourself you can apply with us.

What is a common Visa processing time?

A general time process of a Visa sanction is between 24 to 48 working hours. However, depending on the type of Visa, the time may vary.


(Single Entry)

(Multiple Entry)

Why Online Dubai visa?

  • No more visiting offices. Sit comfortably at your home and get your online Dubai visa.
  • 100% authorized and trusted
  • Easy apply process and convenient payment options
  • 100% safety assurance of your documents
  • Get notified about every stage of the Dubai visa process
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