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How To Get Dubai Visa from India through an easy process

If you love enjoying and traveling then Dubai will surely be in your list of destinations. The City of Gold is a business hub too and besides traveling for a holiday, you might even require to travel there for work. However, reaching there is not difficult now. We have made the Dubai Visa easier process by listing out the formalities for you.

With all the formalities ready, you can get Dubai visa online in no time. Whatever might be the reason of your visit, if you get the visa easily, your trip becomes happier one. Instead of visiting various offices with huge bunch of photocopies, apply Dubai visa online and get the visa at your hand in no time.

Which are Documents Required for Dubai Tourist Visa Application:

These documents are required in all the circumstances no matter what type of visa you are applying for. Here is the list:-

  • Scanned copy of the return ticket
  • Scanned copy of the passport
  • Recent passport sized photograph, coloured and scanned

Which are Additional Documents required for Dubai Visa Application:

  • Proof of residence of the acquaintances(friends or relatives) living in Dubai
  • Copy of invitation letter to Dubai received from them
  • Contact numbers of at least two acquaintances living in Dubai
  • Additional documents might even be demanded by immigration officers

If you wish to meet your friends and relatives living in Dubai, apply for Dubai visa online quickly. Do not worry about the prices as they start from just 4599 INR. However we do not provide work visas for Dubai. This holiday time, go and meet your friends and relatives and opt for Dubai visa online.

To make the payment for the formalities, you can make online payment through our payment gateway provided on the website. If you do not want to make payment online then you can even make the payment by depositing cash or cheque in our bank accounts. If all your formalities are up to the mark and the payment gets cleared, you will receive an email with the application form. You will get the visa within 2-5 working days so start packing your bag now and apply for Dubai visa online. Click here for more information regarding Dubai Visa Fees 

You can even contact our helpline number +91 9602400570 as it is available for you 24x7. You can even email us info@onlinedubaivisa.com and our experts will answer your questions very soon.

How to Apply  Dubai visa online and know more about Dubai here.

Apply 30 Days Dubai Visa and 90 Days Dubai Visa From india?

Get 30 days/90 days dubai Tourist Visa with two to five working days and enjoy Dubai and Abu Dhabi Tours with us. we have highly qualified visa assistant team to provide you hassle free visa services.

90 Days Dubai Visa for Indians is also available for Indians who wish to go to Dubai for a period longer than a month. It is available in these simple steps:-

  • Fill the online visa application form. You also need to send us a clearly scanned copy of your passport to apply for Dubai visa online
  • A clearly scanned passport size photograph in jpg or jpeg format. Remember that the photography should have been clicked on a white background.
  • Confirmed return air ticket from Dubai to India should also be presented.

We will help you in booking hotels and tickets too. Also, you might be needed to present the copies of passports of friends and relatives living in Dubai.

Get Transit Visa For Indians

If your stop at Dubai while travelling is for a minimum of 5 hours then you need to obtain Dubai Transit visa. It is valid for 14 days from the date of issue and for 96 hours from the time of entry. Do not miss out this one if you have to pass from Dubai otherwise it might lead to the violation of laws and you will be stuck in trouble.

About Dubai:

You might have heard a lot about Dubai from friends, relatives, internet and magazines but still Dubai will surprise you with its beauty. A part of the city will amaze you with its natural beauty. The desert and the ocean beauty are worth watching and will give you a peace of mind. The infrastructure is undoubtedly the best in the world. The most uniquely and beautifully designed buildings can be seen here. So plan your schedule accordingly and apply for Dubai visa online. Do not miss out any of the beautiful places of the city. Take the help of our tour guide so that you get the best planning for your tour in Dubai.

Why Choose Online Dubai Visa?

There were days when people used to visit various offices with huge bunch of photocopies of essential documents to apply for visa. Now it can be easily done online. Some of the primary benefits of applying for Dubai visa online are listed below:-

  • Costs are less as compared to offline visa application.
  • You need not wait for a few months as you can get it in just 5 days if all your formalities are complete.
  • Besides the visa, we provide you travel and hotel bookings too.
  • NIL chances of rejection when you apply online as a tourist.
  • We have more than a dozen branches functioning across the world from past 10 years.
  • The support system works 24x7 online to solve your issues.
  • We do not provide work visas.

Online Dubai Visa Faqs: click here for more information


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Document Required

  • Colour scan copy of passport.

  • Colour scan of passport size photograph.

  • Return ticket copy.


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