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Dubai, also known as Gold City is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and has become a global tourist destination. With its amusing structures, amazing beaches, and skyscrapers, it has become a beauty in the desert. Along with it, it houses some of the most popular restaurants, shopping malls, and cafes. Additionally, Dubai tourism allows you to enjoy some of the best theme parks in the world. However, without a perfectly designed Dubai travel guide, it is quite impossible to explore everything in one trip. So, to help you out, here we are providing one. It would give you an insight into Dubai with its major places, things to do, the best time to reach, festivals, and a variety of different Dubai packages. Thus, follow our Dubai tourism information to learn about the attractions, sightseeing, activities, and many more.

Best time to visit Dubai/ Dubai in different seasons

This Dubai travel guide will help you identify the best time to visit Dubai:

  • Dubai in peak season

The peak season in Dubai arises between November to March when the temperature resides between 17°C and 30°C. The weather is usually pleasant and appropriate for every activity. Sometimes, tourists can also witness mild rainfall. During this period, tourists also enjoy some of the major festivals and events in Dubai with all the adventure activities.

  • Dubai in the summer season

The summer season in Dubai resides between the June-August and the temperature reaches from 33°C to 42°C. The weather is hot and humid throughout this period. Usually, Dubai's tourism is low and people visit the city to enjoy some luxury leisure.

  • Dubai in the winter or transition season

Temperature is usually between 25°C and 38°C and weather is not so pleasant. But still, you can enjoy some of the activities. In addition to this, tourists can enjoy a 5-day Arabian music festival.

How to reach Dubai

By air

The best way to reach Dubai is by flight. Dubai International Airport has a flight network with major cities of the world. From here you can take the bus, taxi, and other transportation systems to connect with the rest of the city.

By bus

From Oman, you can take a bus to reach Dubai. No other city or place has a bus network with Dubai.

Local transportation in Dubai

With Dubai tourism information, you will know the best transportation mode to take to reach tourist destinations:

Dubai has well-planned local transportation that conveniently allows visitors to travel around the city. One of the major local transportation is the metro. The Metro provides quick and convenient connections between the city's several lines. Another transportation is a taxi which is convenient but expensive. You can also choose a bus for transportation in Dubai.

Places to visit in Dubai

There are a lot of famous places and unique things to see in Dubai tourism. Dubai has a lot of world-famous tourist sites, which makes it a great place to go sightseeing. Enlisting some of the best tourist spots and places in this Dubai travel guide:

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Another great place to visit in the city is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. It is located in the famous Dubai Mall. There are more than 33,000 different kinds of water life there, from 140 different sea species.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is one of the best places to visit in Dubai. It is known as the largest building in the world. This famous building is a must-see because of its architectural art. The view of the city and view from the "At the Top" observational deck in Burj Khalifa is also amazing.

The museum of the future

The Museum of the Future is a modern icon that shows what the world will look like in the year 2071. Along with the Digital Amazon and Vault of Life displays, the architectural themes and "journey to the future" will be fun for tourists to see.

Dubai miracle garden

A lot of people go to the Dubai Miracle Garden because it is peaceful and has beautiful flowers. There are more than 150 million flowers in the garden and a vast variety of butterflies.

Burj AL Arab

The Burj Al Arab is one of Dubai's most famous landmarks. This beautiful hotel is built in the shape of a dhow sail and is close to Jumeirah Beach.

Activities to do in Dubai

With tons of places and destinations, Dubai tourism is also a hubspot of many adventure activities. So with this Dubai travel guide, note down some mandatory activities not to miss during the next trip to Dubai:

Dubai desert safari

With this SUV trip from Dubai, you can experience the desert. Also, you can choose to take a Land Cruiser up and down sand mounds and through them. You can also do it through sandboarding, ATV rides, and so on.


People who love skydiving like to go to Dubai because it gives them a unique, once-in-a-lifetime. It gives them a chance to jump either over the beautiful Palm Jumeirah or desert land.

Swim with the shark

From the bottom of the 11-meter-high, 48-meter-long tube, you can see all kinds of sea life. If you're brave enough, you can witness rays and sharks and even swim with them.

Meal in the air

Dinner in the Sky really is one of the most interesting ways to eat anywhere in the world. The Le Meridien and The Westin Mina Seyahi Marina have options for lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the only place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where you can ski, snowboard, and zip line all year long. The popular Penguin Encounter, where you can get close to penguins pack, is also held at the venue.

Best theme and waterpark in Dubai

Apart from adventure junkies and art admirers, Dubai tourism offers many places for kids including water and theme parks.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

The IMG World of Adventure is a big indoor theme park in Dubai. When it comes to fun things to do, the theme park has movies, food stands, fun rides, live shows, Lost Valley, and more. It features a cartoon network and Marvel.

Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. It is known for its Lego-themed rides and adventures, which are great for kids ages 2 to 12.

Aquaventure waterpark

It has more than 105 exciting slides, rides, and other fun adventures. The Leap of Faith, the Aquaconda, The Surge Ride, and the Shark Attack Slide are some of the most famous rides in this water park.


One of the most popular Hollywood theme-based parks in Dubai. It has four main areas: the Columbia Pictures Studio Zone, the DreamWorks Studio Zone, the Lionsgate Studio Zone, and the Smurfs Village Zone.

Wild Wadi Water Park

It is located near Burj Al Arab and has many exciting rides. Jumeirah Sceirah, Master Blaster, Tantrum Alley, and Burj Surj are counted as some of the popular rides in this park.

Best places to shop

Here is the Dubai travel guide for the best malls to shop:

Dubai Mall

This is a major spot for shopping in Dubai tourism with different sections for fashion, jewelry, food, and entertainment.


It is located near Dubai Creek and home to some of the most famous markets, called souks- spice souks, gold souks, and textile souks.

Mall of Emirates

This is popular among local people who come to this mall to shop and have fun. There are hundreds of brand-name shops here that sell high-quality clothes, toys, watches, bags, shoes, and other things.

Best restaurants and cafes in Dubai

Al Nafoorah

It is in the 5-star Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel. The atmosphere of the place is enhanced by the beautiful traditional setting and the view of Burj Al Arab.


The place is great for going out with family and friends because the service is great and the setting is beautiful. At this place, you must try the Lamb Kofta and the appetizers.

Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant

The Hyatt Regency in Dubai has a top-floor restaurant with a beautiful view of the water. The place has a 360-degree view of the city and serves a foreign spread.

future of museum

Dubai- An Otherworldly Experience

Gold City, often known as Dubai, one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is a genuinely global nation. One of the few Asian nations to have adopted western technology while maintaining an Eastern sensibility is Dubai. The inhabitants of Dubai have transformed a desert into a contemporary oasis. It has some of the most impressive structures and skyscrapers. Many renowned luxury hotels can be found in the nation, like the Atlantis Palm, where visitors may stay in underwater rooms and enjoy an indoor theme park and retail mall.

Here are some of the activities:

  • On this SUV excursion departing from Dubai, explore the desert. Drive a Land Cruiser up, down, and through sand dunes.
  • Climb the quickest elevator in the world to the top of Dubai's renowned Burj Khalifa building.
  • With this half-day skip-the-line ticket, you may explore Dubai Miracle Garden, the largest natural floral garden in the world.


Qasr Al Watan

Abu Dhabi- The Emirati Capital

The lavish metropolis of Abu Dhabi is a stylish combination of menacing new megastructures and gorgeous old landmarks. It is the capital city of the UAE and the largest of the seven Emirates. It has everything, including enormous and stunning mosques, some of the world's top theme parks, the Louvre, and vast deserts. Abu Dhabi, one of the wealthiest cities in the world, is a prime example of a contemporary Gulf oil city that transformed from a fishing town to a megacity in a matter of decades.

In contrast to Dubai, which has kept its own Arabian culture amidst its glitz and glamour, Abu Dhabi has a rich history dating back to 3000 B.C. The desert city is also home to some of the most stunning and charming old towns that showcase its illustrious past as a desert trading hub. Jump off the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, experience the world's fastest roller coaster, visit the Emirates Palace to see former Arab royalty, and more.

Some of the activities to do here are:

  • Visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. 
  • Visiting the Louvre Abu Dhabi. 
  • Enjoying the Ferrari World. 


Qasr Al Watan
Al Noor Island

Sharjah- The Cultural Capital of UAE

Sharjah, which was named the "Cultural Capital of the Arab World" by UNESCO in 1998, is renowned for maintaining its culture, tradition, and history. While the Heritage Area's remarkable structures are surrounded by Emirati history, the city's famed Art Museum is among the best in the world.

Away from Dubai's glitz and glamour, the city has a wide range of entertainment and recreational alternatives, such as well-kept museums, stunning mosques, Souks, and several parks. Children often find that petting animals are the main attraction at places like the National History Museum and Desert Park, and the Science Museum is brimming with interesting information and exhibits.

Here are some of the activities:

  • Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park are a must-go. 
  • The Sharjah Aquarium is also a breathtaking place to visit. 
  • Visit the Sharjah National Park and get to see the places and amenities. 


Fujairah- The Emiratis Business Hub

The Emirate of Fujairah is a scenic seaside town tucked away from the hectic city life. It is calm and tranquil. It is a bustling metropolis with commercial buildings, stunning mountains, and beaches that is well-known for being a tranquil refuge for both locals and tourists.

The city, which serves as the U.A.E.'s primary business and commercial hub, exudes appeal thanks to its unadulterated beauty. Because of the enormous Hajar Mountains, it is isolated from the rest of the United Arab Emirates and offers a beautiful landscape and a straightforward way of life. The city has a wonderful combination of a 70km long sandy shoreline and lofty mountain ranges, continuing its rich cultural legacy.

Here are some of the activities:

  • Visit the Fujairah Fort and Fujairah village. 
  • Going to the Al Bidyah Mosque 
  • Visiting the Ain Al-Madhab Hot Spring. 


Ras Al-Khaimah

Ras Al-Khaimah- The Scenic Emirate

Ras Al Khaimah, one of the most picturesque emirates in the United Arab Emirates, has 27 miles of coastline that are lined with serene sandy beaches and lovely lagoons, making it the ideal holiday spot. Explore ancient Arabian ruins at the Al Dhayah Fort, go camping, biking, or even ride the world's longest zipline there. You can also go swimming at Wadi Shawka. Ras Al-Khaimah has established itself as a significant economic hub despite the absence of oil fields by promoting innovation, dynamism, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

When it comes to pure natural beauty, the region has an advantage over other emirates thanks to its diversified geography, which includes deserts, mountains, beaches, and lagoons. Visitors may experience a wonderful fusion of modernism and tradition in this location, which has Bedouin communities in the desert and modern lifestyles in the city.

Here are some of the activities:

  • The tallest peak in the UAE, Jebel Jais near Ras Al Khaimah, lies at 1,934 meters above sea level.
  • Visiting the Ras Al Khaimah National Museum. 
  • Getting to Jazirat Al Hamra and experiencing the lifestyle there. 


Ajman- A Peaceful and Smallest Emirate

The smallest of the seven emirates and the most tranquil and laid-back, Ajman is renowned for its picturesque beauty and stunning beaches. Additionally, it has a developing economy and a wide range of tourist attractions, including museums, beaches, forts, and retail centers.

Ajman is tucked in the Arabian Gulf with a 16 km-long coastline and is located on the western coast of the United Arab Emirates. In addition to being a corporate hub that is expanding quickly, there has been an expansion in the retail culture and other activities that draw lots of tourists. It provides tourists with a sunny vacation and an educational historical experience. Ajman is a great spot to unwind and sunbathe because it has some of the nicest sand beaches in the United Arab Emirates.

Here are some of the activities:

  • City Centre is a must-visit place in Ajman. 
  • Visit the Ajman National Museum. 
  • Several beaches are to be visited in Ajman.


Umm Al-Quwain

Umm Al-Quwain- Bird Watchers Paradise

The second-smallest and least populous emirate in the United Arab Emirates are Umm Al Quwain. The sudden wave of modernization hasn't had the same impact here as it has on its neighbors, unlike its southern Emirate. As a result, fishing is still the primary form of employment in the community, giving it a charming and vintage feel.

Umm Al Quwain resembles a city that has been trapped in time since it lacks opulent hotels, lavish malls, and other signs of grandeur. With its numerous green turtles, mangroves, and carved-out dhows on the beach, it still has the feel of a fishing community. The UAE's dependence on seafood exports for its economy shows how important seafood was to the country's economy before it became wealthy due to oil.

Here are some of the activities:

  • Dreamland Aqua Park is one of the most visited places in Umm Al-Quwain. 
  • Visit Al Sinniyah Island to spend a relaxing time there. 
  • Falaj Al Mualla fort is also a must-visit place in Umm Al-Quwain. 

FAQs About Dubai Tourism & Other Topics.

December to March are the months that are considered the best to visit Dubai.

There is a total of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The name of the emirates is Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Umm Al-Quwain, and Ajman.

Arabic is the official language used in Dubai. Other than Arabic, there are English, Hindi, and other languages are also spoken in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The major festivals of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are Eid-Ul-Fitr, Eid-Ul-Adha, Ramadan, the Dubai shopping festival, and the Dubai International Film festival.

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