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For a tourist visiting the UAE for tourism, such as a vacation or even to see family in Dubai, a Dubai tourist visa is the best option. But first, you must choose among the several types of Dubai visa whether you want a visa that will last 96 hours transit visa or 14 days Dubai visa, or something longer like a 30-day or 90-day visa. A 30-day and a 90-day multiple-entry visa are also offered. Tourists can plan their travel and stay duration in the emirate according to their Dubai visa types. These visa types will give you a different amount of stay validity in the UAE and you can also make several entries to Dubai or other emirates depending on your visa type. 

A 14 day Dubai Visa for single entry can be obtained for travel inside the Emirates, for business, or for academic purposes. Business meetings might be concluded in two weeks or 14 days, or you can just fly between Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. The tourist visa for 1...

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Apply for a 30-day Single Entry Dubai Visa if you want to have a nice time while visiting Dubai. You can visit family and friends, meet relatives, go sightseeing, and explore the emirates while carrying this visa in your pocket. The 30-day stay is the maximum permitte...

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If you want to make regular visits to Dubai in 30 days then 30 days multiple entry visa for Dubai. With this visa type, you can travel to Dubai and other emirates multiple times to attend celebrations, business meetings, city tours, etc. The visa will be valid for 60...

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This is advised for tourists who intend to stay in the UAE for a short period of time - less than two months - to visit family or friends. This is a Single Entry Visa, which expires after the tour departs the UAE (within a period of 60 days). Depending on your nationality, there are different req...

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Visitors must make arrangements to enter the country by requesting that particular visa before beginning their trip. If you are traveling to Dubai and have a plan to make repeated entries into Dubai and other emirates, you must choose a 60 days Dubai visa for multiple entry.

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You can obtain a 90 days single entry visa for Dubai for your business trips, and long-term holidays, to meet your friends and families, and to attend business work. The 90 days single entry visa for Dubai will allow you a single entry and it will be expired as soon a...

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The tourists are eligible for multiple entries with a 90 day multiple entry visa for Dubai. Visitors who travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Dubai for personal affairs, business circumstances, or family meetups can avail of this visa type. Within the duration...

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If you're traveling to Dubai or UAE for job searching then you should prefer the 90 days job seeker visa for Dubai. With this visa type, you are eligible to look for a job and stay in Dubai for a 90 days period. When you get employment or a job then you have to exit t...

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Dubai International Airport is one of the most crowded airports in the world and is visited by many travelers every day. The majority of them come as passengers who stop at the airport for their flights to other destinations. Such people who travel via Dubai Airport n...

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Are you one who is traveling through Dubai airport but is clueless about whether you need to apply for a visa or not? Or want to explore this golden city during transition time but are confused about what is a transit visa? What is the...

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There are mainly seven types of Dubai visas available at onlinedubaivisa.com. The visa types are listed below:

96 hours transit online Dubai visa

14 days single entry online Dubai visa

14 days multiple entry online Dubai visa

30 days single entry online Dubai visa

30 days multiple entry online Dubai visa

60 days single entry online Dubai visa

60 days multiple entry online Dubai visa

The processing time for an online Dubai visa is from 24 hours to 72 working hours.

The 30 day single entry Dubai visa comes with a validity of 60 days from the issuance date.

After your visa gets processed, you’ll receive your online Dubai visa through your registered email address.

The 60 day multiple entry Dubai visa entitles one to stay in Dubai and other emirates for 60 days from the date of entry.

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