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Dubai is becoming such a tourist hotspot that you want to spend more and more time here. This is why, Dubai visa is in massive demand among tourists. To manage the vast number of visitors every year, Dubai authorities update visa rules from time to time. Recently,Dubai Visa extension updated rules 2023 have been introduced by the Dubai authorities. If you are planning for a Dubai trip regardless of the purpose of academics, traveling, business, family visiting, and so on then these Dubai visa extension options with Fee would be useful for you. This is not very uncommon for people to extend their Dubai visa period and these updated rules would guide them in planning. The Benefits of Dubai Visa Extension Prior to beginning with the newly updated rules of the Dubai visa, we need to understand the importance of Dubai visa extension: It allows the holder to spend more time in Dubai so that they can explore the city in the desired manner  With the availability of a visa extension, visitors can make their trip flexible and can adopt the changes In case you are visiting Dubai for business purposes then with an extension you can do it without any interpretation Extension of Dubai visa protects you from any legal fine in the scenario of overstaying You can extend your family and medical visit. Dubai Visa Extension Updated Rules 2023 The Dubai Authority ICP has announced that individuals are now able to cancel or extend their visas through an online account Now tourist visa holder can extend their visa for 30 days within the country; they do not need to exit or re-enter Dubai if they prefer but for this,they need to apply through only their existing visa agency or travel agent  For 90 days Dubai visit visa, you can extend the visa up to 30 days twice the time Tourists can stay in Dubai for a maximum of 120 days so you are not allowed to extend your visa further than that Although the Dubai visa on arrival has validity which can be extended up to 30 days further without leaving the country The price for Dubai visa extension 2023 has been increased by Dubai authorities but its cost is defined by the travel agency or agent through which you have applied for the visa.   What are A2A Services? Under A2A (airport-to-airport) services, tourists need to leave the country for a day and then apply for a Dubai visa. For this, you need to follow some steps: First, choose the nearest Middle Eastern country airport Collect all the documents for leaving Dubai Leave the city and enter the chosen country Travel back to Dubai with a new or extended visa Dubai Visa Extension By Bus via Oman However, the A2A service is a little bit expensive and is a more affordable option. Under this service, you can travel to Oman by bus and apply for a 30 or 60-day visa. Documents Required For Dubai Visa Extension Application As same as visa applications, a Dubai visa extension also requires some official documents. Here are the details of the required documents for Dubai visa 2023: Scanned copy of passport with a validity of 6 months. Copy of front and back page is mandatory for Dubai visa extension Copy of existing visa How to avoid exiting the country for a Dubai visa  Extend or renew your Dubai visa before its expiry Get in touch with your travel agent or agency for a visa extension You must contact the agency for visa extension that processed the visa before The process to extend the Uae visa Contact the team of onlinedubaivisa.com team Provide your passport number and existing visa with other details Submit all the documents Our team would manage the entire process Overstay Fine in Dubai 2023 If you continue to stay in the city even after expiring of the visa then you have to pay a certain amount of AED 100 For each day in Dubai, you have to pay AED 50 per day Dubai Visa Extension for Indian Passport Holder There are three options for Indian passport holders that they can avail for Dubai visa extension: Online Dubai visa agency or travel agent Amer centres located throughout the Dubai GDRFA headquarter Why Choose onlinedubaivisa.com For a Dubai Visa Extension For a Dubai tourist visa, individuals need to apply through a trustworthy source where services are fast and quick. At onlinedubaivisa.com you will get all these features. Our team will lead you throughout the process without any hassle. With simple steps for applying for a Dubai visa or Dubai visa extension, contact our team and tell them your query for the visa and the rest of the process they will manage. You can also go to our website and follow the simple procedure for a Dubai visa application. Conclusion of Uae Visa Extension From the Dubai visa extension updated rule 2023 to the required documents, this write-up has covered everything. With all this information, I hope you will not face any difficulty regarding the Dubai visa extension updated rule 2023. Further, with the application from the onlinedubaivisa.com you will experience a smooth process from application to the extension. FAQs How many days I can stay in Dubai after the expiry of the visa? You cannot stay in Dubai after your visa expires. For this, you have to pay the fine for the period you have overstayed in Dubai. Where I can pay the overstayed fine? Individuals who have overstayed in Dubai need to pay some charges at the immigration point of the Dubai airport. Can I cancel the Dubai visa permit as per the new rule? Yes, as per the new Dubai visa updated rule 2023, you can easily cancel your entry permit through your personal online account at the ICP portal. How to apply for a Dubai visa extension under the new rules of 2023? As per the Dubai visa extension updated rule 2023, you can either apply through your existing visa agent or avail of the airport-to-airport services. To make this affordable you can also choose to travel to Oman via bus and then come with a new or extended visa. Do I have to pay the overstaying penalties while the extension is in process? Yes, if you are overstaying you have to pay the fines while does not matter if your visa is in renewal or an extension process.  It is highly advisable to renew your visa before its expiry as it saves you from legal action and heavy penalties. Can I get a Dubai visa change status in one day? With proper planning, you can make your visa change process a one-day procedure. You can take a flight to the nearest Middle Eastern country, wait at their airport, and return on a late flight. When can I extend the Dubai visa within the country? You can apply for an extension of the visa anytime during the validity period of the Dubai visa. For instance, if you are applying for a visa extension for 30 days Dubai visa, you can extend it within the period of 30 days. If you fail to do so, you have to pay the penalty amount

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