Terms & Conditions

1. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application. If we find your case fraudulent or false information we may terminate the contract and may not file the Visa . We will try our best to give you the visa with in the stipulated time limit unless and until there is some exceptional situation at our end like fire,Death, Illness, accident of a staff member , Holiday or any other emergency situation. We will try to give you the maximum notice period for you to arrange another agent who is willing to take your work.

2. If the agreement is terminated from your side than you are liable for any charges we have paid on your behalf service charges and other liabilities as may be decided by our company.

3. We will quote you our service charges at the outset. Charges may vary with the urgency which may accept depending upon the Embassy and immigration authority of UAE . We cannot process the application quicker than the embassy and we also do not influence the work of the embassy by any means.

4. Urgent visa or express visa will be charged extra.

5. We are not liable for any rejection of Visa. Service fees and visa fees wil be still applied even if the visa is refused.

6. We do not provide any written letter explaining as to what led to the visa rejection.

7. All visa application are subject to sole discretion of the Dubai Govermant and embassy . We can not guarantee the issuance of visa to anybody .

8. Normaal processing time for UAE visa may take up to 5-7 working days. it may also take more time than usual so make sure you have enough time before you apply visa as no refunds will be processed based on late approval of the Visas .

9. Our portal is for your convenience and guidance but some information may not be updated, even when we trry to keep all the information updated on the portal.

10. We are not part of Dubai government or embassy , we only lodge the visa application on your behalf . the length of the visa stay depends solely on the embassy decision.

11. Any fees made on portal is non refundable after submission of the application.

12. We don’t hold any responsibility in case of visa rejection.

13. All disputes subject to Jaipur jurisdiction.